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I also like LIGHTS, Frozen, Tangled, Brave., LOTR, and HP. Proud nerd.
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Falling asleep to Owl City does three things: either I fall asleep happy and content and totally fine OR I end up thinking deeply about my existence in this ever expanding universe, realize just how small we are in big scheme of things OR I just get really lonely.

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 ❞ I was kind of a loner. I still am, a little bit. My list of friends wasn’t that extensive in high school. I wasn’t involved in sports or extracurricular stuff, so music became my best friend. I would race home from school and work on songs, and that’s what kept me really close to the idea of being an artist.

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smiilingmisha asked: oh my god your gif of adam for your blog preview page is the best thing ever



Hehe, thank you ¬‿¬


(I didn’t make it tho so credit to whoever did c:)



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Goodbye Brielle

I’ll see you around our dear ocean towns.

Like a butterfly, you floated by

and now you’re alone.

So, until then I wish you well.

Until then, I wish you well.

I love you, my darling, farewell.

My dear Brielle.

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